Facing New Communications Challenges
in the AI World?

We Can Help

Three images inside of the triangles that form the Bizcom logo showing a keyboard, computer code on a monitor, and a person holding a portable device with a list of numbers over the whole image to represent AI and cyber activity.

What We Do

AI Governance Services

We assist companies with creating the appropriate AI governance frameworks that meet current regulatory compliance requirements around the world. Our team of AI governance implementers follow ISO42001 and NIST-RMF frameworks with a risk-based approach to the creation of an AI management system (AIMS) that prepare your organization for the challenges ahead.

Cybersecurity Incident Response

It is no longer an “if” but rather a “when” your cybercrime event will take place. The first 72 hours are intense and when it happens, you need to depend on people with an unparalleled understanding of both the growing threat cyber incidents pose to business operations and preserving your brand reputation. The industry certified professionals at Bizcom are available 24/7 and have over 12 years of experience in creating and implementing cybercrime communications strategies.

Who We Are

The Go-To Team

Bizcom is an dedicated group of professionals solely focused on two critical areas — assisting organizations with the changing AI regulatory environment and responding to cybersecurity events.

What People are Saying

“We relied on Bizcom to guide us through a complicated communications process related to our breach. We were extremely impressed with their level of understanding of our needs and their ability to seamlessly work with legal and forensics in a compressed period of time. We highly recommend them."

"I’m entirely convinced that our in-house communications team could not replicate what Bizcom was able to perform. They brought a highly specialized offering that did not exist in our organization."

"We are using Bizcom to prepare our framework for AI compliance. Their knowledge of the current and planned global regulatory requirements allows us to move forward in AI compliance in the markets which are important to us."

"The difference between using a specialist organization such as Bizcom, was night and day compared to other agencies we interviewed. We were very pleased with our decision to move forward with them."