AI Governance Services

The team at Bizcom will create a program utilizing the ISO 42001-AIMS and NIST-RMF principles that are the most appropriate for your company, striking a balance between AI innovation and governance that can be easily integrated within your organization’s processes, information systems and controls and management structure. Some of these processes include:

  • Organization Goals & Objectives
  • Full Transparent Processes Which Address Trustworthiness of AI Including Explainability, Security, Fairness, Safety, Transparency, Data Quality and AI Systems Lifecycle Quality Controls
  • Risk Assessment & Opportunities
  • Processes for the Management of Third-Party Partners and Suppliers that Adhere to your Organization’s AI Standards

Ethical AI

The speed with which companies use or plan to use AI is unprecedented and will have profound effects in the 21st Century. There is plenty to be excited about, but also a growing climate of suspicion of the “Move Fast and Break Things” philosophy. Unplanned growth without a foundation in principles is an organizational recipe for disaster and could have significant consequences for society.

At Bizcom, we adhere to a basic philosophy of ethical AI, which supports the responsible design and ongoing human oversight of AI solutions that protect individuals, groups, and society from harm. It begins with good governance supported by policy platforms and controls that your leadership has made a priority. We welcome a discussion on how our team can assist in establishing your framework to achieve these goals.