About Bizcom

Bizcom is considered the go-to specialist for AI regulatory preparedness and has a team of communications professionals designed specifically for cybersecurity incident response. Cybercrime represent a growing threat to business operations and brand reputation, and artificial intelligence (AI) is only quickening the pace of technology adoption, data security, and preparedness. Data breaches and other classified cyberattacks require specific crisis management planning and remediation measures. Global regulatory changes to AI and data governance are rapidly evolving and require impact analysis. The velocity of the changes in technology requires new governance models and necessitates developing compliance standards to prepare organizations for these impending changes.

Our Experience

We have supported Fortune 500 companies globally who are building their data breach communications strategies and crisis management planning. Bizcom understands that cybercrime incident response essentials must incorporate a reputation management approach and adhere to the existing regulatory framework. We have more than 12 years of specific experience in cybercrime communications in the following industries:

  • Crown Corporations
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Health Care
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Sports
  • Telecommunications
  • Union Memberships

Leadership Team

Headshot of Bizcom President Hugh Mansfield, wearing a blue shirt, suit coat and glasses.

Hugh Mansfield President

Hugh is a strategic communications advisor with more than 25 years of expertise in designing and implementing complex communications strategies for the private and public sectors throughout North America.

Hugh is an accredited CIPP-C member of the International Association of Privacy (IAPP) Professionals; he has appeared on the Privacy Rules Webinar and is a contributing guest lecturer on data privacy at the University of Toronto and York University (Osgoode). He is currently completing his LLM degree (Innovation, Law, and Technology) at the University of Toronto Law School (July ’24 expected).  Hugh is a founding Advisory Board member of the University of Toronto’s (Rotman) Master’s in Management Analytics degree (2018-2022).

Hugh has extensive experience in Cybercrime Communications response, public affairs, and stakeholder engagement and is an expert in reaching target audiences within the intricacies of communications in the digital world. He has led strategies for some of the most significant data breaches in North America, including but not limited to:

  • Brute-Force Attack - Consumer Confidential Banking Information and Associate Partner Large Box Retail Customer Strategies
  • Ransomware Attack for a Large Real Estate Company
  • Ransomware Attack on a Large Lending Institution
  • Ransomware Attack for a Large Government Institution
  • Billings Compromise of a Large Telco
  • On-Premises Hard-Drive Theft for a 300,000-Member Organization
  • Ransomware Attack on Mid-Size Financial Institutions
Headshot of Julija Hunter, a senior consultant at Bizcom wearing a gray jaket and a blue striped collared shirt.

Julija Hunter Senior Consultant

Julija is a senior communications advisor with extensive expertise in protecting and enhancing reputation and supporting business success through strategy and execution, issues management and crisis communications. 

She has honed her business acumen and track record from more than two decades as an executive for large publicly traded and unionized companies in the retail, financial services, CPG and technology sectors and as a senior leader on agency side designing solutions for a range of clients. Julija's scope includes creative stakeholder and employee engagement, advocacy and external communications approaches and C-suite counsel. In a climate of digital opportunities, interference and disruption, Julija leverages her experience to help teams solve organization wide-challenges and complex issues to support business and brand building, revitalization and/or recovery.  

Headshot of Sarah Haney, a senior consultltant at Bizcom. She is wearing a blue suite coat partially covered by her long hair.

Sarah Haney Senior Consultant

With over a decade of expertise in strategic communications, marketing, and public relations, Sarah has made substantial contributions to the success of leading North American commercial mortgage lenders, financial services firms, asset managers, hotel brands, and technology innovators.

Specializing in inventive campaigns and effective PR strategies, she engages diverse audiences, including consumers, B2B, and retail and institutional investors. Known for building high-performing teams and crafting impactful communication strategies, Sarah excels as a seasoned storyteller and marketing strategist. Her achievements encompass significant increases in marketing materials and communication projects, leading to successful product launches.

With a background in behavioral economics, a PR certificate from Humber College, and a B.A. from McMaster, Sarah is a go-to expert for media and presentation training. Currently working as a marketing and communications consultant, she leads comprehensive campaigns, delivering results-driven solutions and innovative strategies.


Kathleen McEvoy Senior Consultant

Kathleen McEvoy is a long-time communications executive with direct experience in crisis communications, media and public relations, and public affairs. She has lobbied and created strategies to address legislation in multiple U.S. states and has met directly with state executives and legislators to call out the unintended consequences of legislation that impacts digital privacy and data stewardship, as well as the data security risks of requiring personally identifiable information (PII). Kathleen has presented on crisis communications, social media, communications, and media training and has written about emerging technology, the current political landscape, and the legislative and policy issues impacting academia, research, and intellectual freedoms. 

Kathleen’s background is in broadcast journalism, covering local, state, and national news and politics at radio stations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. As a reporter and news anchor, she covered the New Hampshire State Legislature as well as multiple New Hampshire presidential primaries. She holds a dual degree in Communications and Political Science from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro.